One of the people who have changed how I do business this year is Akin Alabi. I’ve learnt to be more of an entrepreneur than just an intelligent passionate geh…

And let me categorically tell you this; ‘you must start thinking like an entrepreneur this year if you haven’t, that’s the only way you’re going to survive in business this year.

Recently I ventured into information marketing as one of the easiest way to make cash for me in what I do. Trust me, it’s been all shades of awesome. It’s like I’ve unlocked into the another realm of experience in business, all thanks to my influencer Akin Alabi.

After I received a call from GLO early this year through a proxy who asked if I knew someone who had about 120k followers on instagram so they can bestow o the person, ambassadorial responsibilities, made some calls and found someone. However, I sat with myself and asked why I haven’t grown my page to upto that amount seeing that when I started instagram no be here and most of the people trending on social media now, I actually stepped out before most of them. But for some reason they have blown more than I have. I made some decisions that this year, I’m going to find a way and grow my followers.

I set out on the hustle; started researching and buying online courses and books to understand and know the 2019 instagram algorithm.
As I began learning, one thing was sure; I saw a lot of things that amazed me that I never knew. Quickly, the entrepreneur in me awoke and said with my eyes slightly raised, ‘if I don’t know this, then a lot of people must also not know it’.

However, I needed to try out some of the things I had learnt and see how and if it works 9results). I tried for just 3 days and I realized that it does and even more, I said, ‘hell yeah! I’m going to monetize this!’

My friend was like, ‘haba, people will know this naa’, I told her that there is still a crop of people who do not know it because prior to now, I had heard a lot of people from the startup I mentor how it is the needed to learn how to become more visible on instagram and close more sales.

So here was I; a market and her solution…

I went ahead and made it a paid training online at N2500 and voila 19 people showed up…do the maths yourself. I sat in the comfort of my house and relished in the sound of the alerts via sms notification that entered account between Thursday around 3pm till 6pm yesterday Friday when the training held.

Mind you, I didn’t step out from my house for anything. Everything was done from the comfort of my home.

What am I trying to say?

There’s only one business principle that has always worked; “LET THE DEMANDS OF THE MARKET INFLUENCE THE KIND OF BUSINESS YOU DO.”

In order words, find a hungry market and feed it! Whether you want to feed them consistently o or you want to feed them one off, it’s your call.
But please don’t go establishing a business and say that people will buy it….because you are who kwanu???

My dear, forget your current brilliant ideas, find a hungry market, feed them and earn from doing that. This is part of the reason (not the only reason) someone will wake up one day and put out an online training for N58k and ninety something people will sign up…do they math yourself…

Oya, Receive sense now!!!

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